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Sony A7s with Fujian 35mm CCTV lens

I’m testing my new Fujian 35mm CCTV lens from China on my Sony A7s. Bought this off Amazon for around $30 with E-Mount adapter. It was scary as it came with a mangled focus ring grip and ripped, oily box. I didn’t even want to put it on my camera but did anyway and had TONS of fun playing around with my kids. It’s weird, quirky, and doesn’t stay in focus but there’s something about this lens that makes me not want to take it off. I don’t know how much I’ll use it for weddings and actual gigs but hey, for $30 you should pick one up.

Sony A7s
Cine4 Profile with Pro Color
Final Cut Pro with Osiris LUT (thanks Denver Riddle at colorgradingcentral.com).
Fujian 35mm CCTV lens