Stories Matter

We believe that all of life is an adventure awaiting discovery.

Whether it’s couples, non-profits, or businesses, we believe everyone has a story to share with the world – and we help you tell that story.


There are few things more sacred and adventurous than two souls uniting on a life-long journey together.

We are passionate about capturing every important and precious moment as they happen on your special day. Because what you do that day: the words that are said and the emotions that are felt, matter for a lifetime and are worth remembering. Joining the Whits End Films family means you have a cinematic film that tells your love story, the beginning of your adventure, for years to come.


Every non-profit organization has a compelling story. Unfortunately many of these stories go untold or undertold.

Whits End Films partners with non-profits worldwide to help them raise support and awareness. We specialize in both pre and post production filmmaking. From storyboarding to the most effective ways to distribute through social media, we are a turnkey filmmaking service.


With today’s digital age of mass information, it’s difficult for a company to stand out from the crowd.

Whits End Films creates compelling marketing videos that help your story reach people. We help companies go deeper than mere informational advertising by connecting hearts through cinematic storytelling.

Want Whits End to tell your story?